Second ARKINA Meet, August 31, 2014 at San Jose, CA

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First Arkina Convention Report The convention kicked off with a welcome in Kannada by the Master of Ceremonies, Mrs Indumathi Mohanchandra, followed by a prayer in Sanskrit "Ganeshaya Dhimahi", an invocation to Lord Ganesh, recited by Mr. Rajesh Rao. Arkina President, Mr Mohanchandra K P. then welcomed the gathering with a speech wherein he described the motivation for the creation of the organization, and its purposes. Following this, the traditional ceremonial lamp was lit, first by the chief guest, Dr. Janardhan Haldipur, then in turn by each office bearer of Arkina. Dr. Janardhan Haldipur, as chief guest, made a speech wherein he stated that there was no communal motive to having such an organization as Arkina, but, quoting a Sanskrit shloka, he explained that in togetherness there was strength, and bringing community members together on one platform, we could use their combined strength for good, and for the betterment of community members at large. Thereafter, the souvenir magazine "Spandana" was released by Mr Ganesh Rao, Moodabidri, India, marking the occasion of the Arkina convention event, with brief remarks by Mr. Rajesh Rao in his role of Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. This was followed by a family introduction wherein all the convention participants came forward and introduced themselves, giving brief information about themselves. Subsequently, plaques honoring achievements of community members were handed out by Arkina office bearers as follows: a. To Master Sidarth Kumbla For Outstanding performance in US National Fencing competition. The plaque was presented by Dr. Janardhan Haldipur b. To Mr. Santhosh Kumar Kadlebele, President, Karnataka Cultural Organization, Brindavana, New Jersey, in recognition of outstanding leadership in organizing AKKA 2010. The plaque was presented by Dr. Janardhan Haldipur. c. To Veena Rao Editor, NRIPulse news magazine, Atlanta, Georgia in recognition of her appearance in the Limca Book of Records as the first non-resident Indian woman to edit and publish a newspaper outside India. The plaque was presented by Dr. Janardhan Haldipur, and received by Mr Rajesh Rao. on behalf of Veena Rao, since she could not be present for the occasion. The last event of the morning session was the highlight Keynote presentation by Mr Narasimha Koodlu. The topic of the presentation covered the origins and history of the Ramakshatriya community. Since Mr Koodlu could not be present in person, his presentation was delivered by Master Sidarth Kumbla, son of Mr. Kishan Kumbla. With that, the event broke for a delicious lunch served by the staff of the Hotel Tanzore. Two of the menu items were presented by Mrs Indumathi Mohanchandra - "Sukkina Unde" and "Patrode", with both of them being dishes specific to the Ramakshatriya community. All of the lunch items were very well received by event attendees, with special commendation of the 2 dishes made by Mrs. Indumathi Mohanchandra. After lunch, the convention began the afternoon session with entertainment by children of the attendees. a. Keyboard performance: by Anvi,11, daughter of Veena and Sudhir Kasaragod, San ose. b. Keyboard performance by Rohan, 10, son of Rachana and Rajesh Rao, San Diego. c. Dance by Ria Rao, 5, daughter of Rachana and Rajesh Rao, San Diego. d. Violin recital by Sidarth Kumbla, son of Smitha and Kishan Kumbla. e. Violin recital by Samarth Kumbla, son of Smitha and Kishan Kumbla. f. Pranathi Rao, 15, daughter of Indumathi and Mohanchadra Panduranga recited a poem of her own composition, titled “In control”. Following this the attendees of all ages played a game of bingo. Winners were: Anvi Kasargod & Kishan Kumbla. After this there was a light game of "Stuff the pillow" played by a team of men on one side against a team of their wives on the other side. For the record, the men’s team won (surprisingly!). In closing, as part of the Valedictory function, mementos of the convention were given to each one of the attendee families. The final event of the convention was a valedictory vote of thanks delivered by Kishan Kumbla, Secretary of Arkina. -Rajesh Rao